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Miami Stained Concrete Projects

Check out these awesome stained concrete projects from local concrete artisans in and around Miami. See photos of concrete they have acid stained and learn about the special techniques these contractors use to achieve unique looks. For additional information and to see more examples of a contractor's work click on the company's name.

It's A Work Of Art
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

SP Galleries in Coral Gables has beautiful stained concrete floors to match the beautiful artwork being displayed. The concrete was first ground extensively to remove debris left behind from old carpeting. It was then stained as dark as possible using two colors, dark walnut and black. For the finishing touch, the floor was polished.

Miami, FL 33166

The concrete floors in this local restaurant were transformed using acid stains. Acid staining achieves looks that are natural and unique, the end result has color variations that resemble those that are seen in natural stone.

Select Coatings
Boyton Beach, FL 33426

A Parkland, Fla., coffee shop was colored with a water-based stain. Imperfections in the floor caused by the addition of a drain caused the stain to take differently. The solution was to camouflage the area by covering it first with a skimcoat. A design was created around the drain with the skimcoat so it looked like it was different on purpose. Read more about this Café Floor.

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